Count Down to Myrtle Beach!

Looking forward to the annual summer trip next weekend!  Great line-up includes The Legends tracks: Heathland, Moreland, and Parkland, as well as Oyster Bay, Heritage, and Caledonia.  We got a great package with The Legends and they never seem to disappoint.  I was impressed with the service and facilities last time down (first since the Arnold Palmer Golf Management group took over operations in 2009.)  A full review of the  courses and accommodations is coming.

I’ve played five times this year with one more pre-trip practice round to come.  Don’t have my A-game yet but I’m gaining confidence, with the short game a bit ahead of the full swing.  Got to avoid getting too mechanical and will start barfing swing thoughts now.  THINK TARGET!!

4 thoughts on “Count Down to Myrtle Beach!”

  1. Thanks for sharing thoughts about Myrtle Beach. It is a golf-a-palooza down there, no?!?!

    Next time you take a group golf trip, check out Their motto is “making great golf trips even better” and it really is a tremendous service.

    Let me know the next time you are embarking on a golf trip and I will try to get you hooked up with an account.

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