Ouch! Sergio Garcia cards an 11 in the first round at Memphis

Just when you thought the guy was rounding into form he pulls this out of the bag.  After driving it 336 yards on the par – 5 third hole, he tried three times to hook a ball around a tree and carry a lake on a 216 yard approach.  Dumb!  I remember my last double digit hole; a 10 on a par – 5 at my local muni a couple of years ago.  That was full of dumb decisions and Sergio made the same mistake.  You simply cannot compound an initial error and need to know when to back off and take your medicine.  A professional tournament is rarely won on a single hole but can easily be lost on one.  Let’s see how this affects his attitude and performance in round 2.

One thought on “Ouch! Sergio Garcia cards an 11 in the first round at Memphis”

  1. 69 in round #2 and missed the cut by five shots. All he needed was a bogey 6 on that par five hole and he’s playing on the weekend. So it’s just as difficult for the pros when ego trumps smart decision making and maybe I’m making too much out of one small disaster, but for a guy who was mentally fragile enough to take time away from the game, this doesn’t bode well. Watch Sergio closely in this week’s U.S. Open. Can he stabilize?

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