What’s on your reading list?

Top picks from my golf library:

Best swing instruction: Ben Hogan’s Five Lessons by Ben Hogan

Best on the mental game:  Putting Out of Your Mind by Dr. Bob Rotella

Best story:  Final Rounds by James Dobson

Best professional insights:  Tales from Q School by John Feinstein

Good old fashioned common sense:  Harvey Penick’s Little Red Book by Harvey Penick

4 thoughts on “What’s on your reading list?”

  1. Good day. I’m planning 3 rounds of golf at the legends in Myrtle Beach. Can you recommend the best 3 golf courses.
    Heritage and Oyster Bay I heard is a must play experience. That leave 1 for me to pick. Any comments or suggestions.

    Dean o

    1. Hi Dean,

      You got good recommendations. I’d definitely play Heritage and Oyster Bay. Best among the three at the Rt 501 complex is Moreland. It is also the toughest and you’d better drive it straight to be successful. Next best is Parkland which is more forgiving off the tee but still a very good play, and I’d rate Heathland third because it’s a little less challenging/exciting; still a good play. One caveat on Oyster Bay. If you are playing late spring to late summer, the conditions become suspect as the heat stresses it out. I’ve played it in late May/early June and the conditions were average. Early to mid-spring and you’re good to go. Either way whenever you play Oyster, the layout and routing are drop dead excellent. Enjoy!


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