Fun with J.D. at John Deere

Once again, John Daly provided the entertainment during Round two with his front nine scorecard reading:  par, eagle, par, nonuple bogey.  Yes, John fired a 13 on the par-4, 4th hole and I find his ability to post double digit scores with somewhat frequent regularity quite amusing.  13 is rough but but still doesn’t stack up against his Tin Cup moment at BayHill where 18 was the magic number.

Keep an eye on Steve Marino over the weekend.  I root for Steve as he’s a D.C. area native but get frustrated with his final round meltdowns.  He’s currently in second place, two off the lead and looking good.  Steve is ranked 30th, 26th, and 9th in scoring average for rounds 1-3 respectively and then drops to 143rd in round 4 which is inexplicable.  For some reason the guy cannot finish and he’s never won on either the PGA or Nationwide Tours.  Good luck this weekend Steve, we’ll be watching and rooting!

One thought on “Fun with J.D. at John Deere”

  1. The disappointment for Steve Marino on the weekend continues – 73,78, on a course playing as easy as TPC Deere Run. What a finish by Steve Stricker though. The second shot on 18 from a fairway bunker with the ball below his feet and needing to carry the water, was fabulous. And the birdie make from just off the green was icing on the cake. Can’t remember a better clutch shot in more difficult circumstances. Congrats Steve!

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