Game is peaking for Pinehurst!

11 days and counting until Pinehurst!  The good news is that last weekend I practiced twice at Bear Trap Dunes in Delaware and felt real good.  The second day’s practice included full swing and short game and was extremely productive.  One more pre-trip tune up round scheduled for this weekend and I should be set.  Hopefully Hurricane Irene will hold off long enough to get in my work on Saturday.

The line-up for Pinehurst:

Saturday, 9/3 – #8

Sunday, 9/4 – #4

Monday, 9/5 – Bucket list round on #2, yeah baby!

If anyone has any playing tips for any of the three courses, send ’em my way, thanks!

2 thoughts on “Game is peaking for Pinehurst!”

  1. Brian – enjoy your trip to Pinehurst. #2 was great before the changes and from what I have seen, the changes have made it even better. #4 is awesome. It should get more press. It is a really beautiful course. I have not played #8 – can’t wait to hear your thoughts?

    Are you going with a group? If so, remember to bring the Genius along. will make your great golf trip even better.

    Fairways & Greens my friend!

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