What rangefinder should I buy?

Need help!  After my struggles with measuring distance at Pinehurst #2 this summer, I’ve decided to buy a rangefinder.  The offerings are numerous and the information mountain is staggering.  I have determined that I’d like a laser model rather than GPS because the only real information I need is distance to the flag.  As it is, I struggle to read GPS units in golf carts because my eyesight is poor and I prefer not to golf with my reading glasses.  I have no interest keeping up a subscription for course distances or whipping out my mobile device and struggling to read the display.

I don’t have a clue about recommended level of optical zoom or other bells and whistles but my basic requirements are an accurate read on the flag stick from inside 300 yards, overall reliability, good battery life, and a price tag under $300.  What can I get for that?  A quick check on Amazon indicates the Bushnell Scout 1000 ARC might be a fit but this appears to be used mostly for hunting.  Does anyone use this model?  Can you use a hunting rangefinder for golf?

Please send your preferences and recommendations.  Thanks!

4 thoughts on “What rangefinder should I buy?”

  1. I have been using the Bushnell V2 all summer and love it (and so does my cart partner “Dan, zap that flag for me, would ya?” He doesn’t use his GPS when we ride together.). It is made for golf, accurate within 1 yard (none of that front, back, and middle stuff), and measures up to 1000 yards. In addition to measuring to the flag, you can measure to bunkers, water, or any other type of hazard. It has a 5x optical zoom (like binoculars), is fast and easy, you just point and click. I bought mine in April, play 2-3 times/ week (but I also find that I also
    do a lot of measuring for the others in my foursome, now that they know that I have it), and had to replace the battery in August (excellent battery life). I got mine at a local golf shop. They are rarely on sale ($299), but I found a coupon for $20 off. The only downside that I have found is that you can not find hidden hazzards on unfamiliar courses. Hope this helps.

  2. Dan, great feedback thanks! Looks like Amazon is selling the V2 for $278 with free shipping. Idiot question: how often do you need to recharge the battery or does it work like a car battery (one charge and done?)

  3. Update: Played this weekend and a player in our group was snapping yardages with the Bushnell V2. I asked to try a couple and was impressed. This unit meets my requirements. Only complaint was that it seemed a little wobbly when using one hand. I noticed he often used two to steady the unit, but the viewfinder and accuracy seemed fine. I love the idea of gaining exact yardage to the flag instead of guessing with the typical front/middle/back configuration. It’s on my Christmas list!

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