John Daly’s walk off

John Daly. (Photo by Ryan Pierse/Getty Images)

The big fella is a never-ending source of entertainment except for this time he’s outdone himself with some serious unsportsmanlike behavior and rubbed the powers that be the wrong way.  His seven balls in the lake and subsequent walk off at the Australian Open got him kicked out of the Australian PGA Championship in two weeks and now he’s incurring the wrath of sportswriters and fans alike.  What an embarrassment to the game.

JD needs some serious mental help.  Earlier I opined about his 13 at the John Deere Classic in July.  Had he posted a number from this waterlogged escapade, we were looking at big time double digits.  How many Joe six-packs out there post multiple double digit holes in the same season?  Shoot, I’ve posted one double digit in the last ten years and I’m not in Daly’s neighborhood or city when it comes to talent.  Get some help John, and while you’re at it, some better looking slacks.

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