Addicted to golf? How do you know?

What are the warning signs for golf addiction and how do you handle?  I haven’t played in three weeks and am definitely missing it.  Once I start playing on a weekly basis, I’ll miss it even more, and worse yet, will feel like I need to dedicate more time between rounds for improvement.  The constant pull of the need to work on my game is a reminder that I’m a recovering adict.  I’ve managed the addiction in part by keeping enough busy distractions in play with the rest of my life, but when I used to work in the golf business and play six days a week, the addiction was awful.  What else would you do with your day off but work on your game?  And imagine how miserable you’d get when you were playing badly.  At the end of my golf career, I was so burned out on golf I didn’t care if I ever played again, but that was 25 years ago and my recovery period was a short one.

We all know, golf is a game that requires constant adjustments and you rarely play a round where everything clicks.  The great Ben Hogan once said that he only hit four or five perfect shots per round, and he used to practice a ton.  I can’t dedicate nearly the amount of time that Hogan did, which helps when I feel the constant urge to improve.

Is it possible to get to a place where you play two or three times per week, make a few small adjustments on the fly, and just enjoy the game without feeling the urge to work at it?  Anyone with advice on this, please share.  Thanks!