Golfers, careful in the gym!

Back pain.

Dang!  Just spent five days on the short-term DL because of a stupid move during my workout last Sunday.  Instead of my final drill where I swing a club upside down, I stupidly switched to a five pound dumbbell.  20 hard swings with that and my lower left back (and left knee) where in pain all this week.

Folks, you gotta be careful with your workouts, especially when introducing new moves.  Temper your enthusiasm to experiment and go with what a pro recommends, or at least a fitness trainer.

I’m feeling better after some rest and an ibuprofen diet and am going to give the workout a light go this morning, followed by some short game work on Saturday and a game the next day.  Wish me luck and watch yourselves!

5 thoughts on “Golfers, careful in the gym!”

  1. I used to work out every day, could bench press 200lbs and had a bulging neck. I stopped working out, lost 30+ Lbs, and found I could now hit the ball further, handicap is coming down all the time.

    1. Do you attribute your improvement primarily to the weight loss or the discontinuation of the work outs?

      I find this interesting because I’ve lost 15 lbs in the last 6 mo and have only been working the core exercises noted in my improvement plan (no weights) and I am hitting it farther as well. Thanks.

      1. I think it was a mental thing, I felt the more muscle I had it would help me hit it further off the tee. Could not have been more wrong, am really enjoying my golf now. I think loosing the bulk helped with a smoother swing, no real effort, just swing it right.

        1. Interesting. I’m sure this differs for different people. Folks who may be very overweight will certainly be able to make a better turn away and into the ball once they lose the weight. Now I only lost 15 lbs, and believe the core strengthening exercises have helped me the most in maintaining a better spine angle, which my instructor had indicated was my major fault. Thanks.

  2. Injury update: Left knee is slightly hyper-extended but managed to hit 10 GIR playing out of a cart in today’s round. Back is fine and luckily there were no ill effects on my ball striking.

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