Feeling pressure to tinker with my swing

Suffering a short-term hangover from playing in the Jess Carson Foundation charity tournament at Queenstown Harbor last week.  While the team did well and shot 11-under, which was good for 2nd place, I’m starting to feel the urge to do swing analysis, probably brought on by the scramble style format.  To get ready for one of these tournaments, you are afforded the luxury of not having to work on your full game and focus only on driving and putting.  Leading up to the tournament, I mentally prepared myself to optimize distance by making the most powerful and technically correct move possible.  I struck the ball well in the tournament but missed a few shots and felt the sudden urge to work on my swing.

With a certain major milestone only one month out, I think it best to resist.  Yes, Myrtle Beach is 30 days away and every year faced with the proposition of playing 180 holes in six days, I haul down a minivan full of swing thoughts that inevitably twist me into a swing pretzel.  While my short game usually sharpens from the reps, the carnage of bad shots I leave is not pretty.  Why the constant need to over-prepare for this venture?

To date, I’ve let the off season conditioning plan drive my swing performance and have yet to film swing or hit balls all spring, except to warm-up before a round.  With a clear head and a relaxed demeanor on the course, I’ve made more good swings than I have in years so why am I feeling the urge to tinker?

Between now and Myrtle, I’m thinking I’ll try what Bob Rotella advocates:  Commit to only two things on the golf course -try your hardest on every shot and have fun.  Think it will last?

4 thoughts on “Feeling pressure to tinker with my swing”

  1. Resist the tinkering for sure. In answer to your question about my short game improving because of increase reps I can answer that with an emphatic no. If playing more guanteed improved play then you would never see the up and down scores on the PGA tour.Its even a goofier game on the tour. It is a mental thing and if I continue to do well I will reveal all. It has been an interesting week and playing a real upscale tough golf course on Sunday so tune in to the weekly wrap up.

  2. I suppose the reps theory only works if the technique is correct, since practice makes permanent, and not necessarily perfect. Good luck on your tough track!

  3. Really struggling with the urge to tinker after my round on Sunday. Hit the ball great off the tee and lousy with my irons. Still managed 10 GIR and shot a good score. If I looked at my scorecard without knowing any of the details, I’d say “good round, don’t tinker.” Don’t know why I’m feeling the urge to change but it is there. Not giving in yet. Thanks.

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