Tiger wins 2012 Memorial as world’s best implode

Tiger Woods
By Halleran/Getty Images

Did Tiger deserve the win at the 2012 Memorial on Sunday?  Absolutely.  His final round 67 punctuated by a stellar chip-in birdie on #16 was worthy of all the hysterics and histrionics, but the confluence of bad play and unexcused absences from the world’s best certainly contributed.  Consider:

Phil Mickelson shot an opening round 79 and promptly withdrew sighting mental fatigue.    Was Lefty truly in need of a break after playing three straight weeks and then vacationing with his wife in Italy?

Rory McIlroy missed his third straight cut with a second round 79 and is making huge blunders leading to huge numbers on his scorecard.  I’m convinced something is going on outside his golf game that’s distracting and is the genesis for the poor form.

Rickie Fowler, arguably the hottest golfer in the last month, shot 84 in the final round while paired with Tiger.  Are you kidding me?

Bubba Watson is still rusty from his one month layoff to recover from burnout, and missed the cut.

Zach Johnson, winner last week at Colonial was mysteriously missing from the field.  There was an unsubstantiated rumor that he had been suspended for some sort of substance abuse issue.  Seems unlikely, but where was he?

How about Jason Dufner who was also missing from the field.  Memorial is an invitational (non full field event) but was the two-time winner this year invited?

Not trying to discount Tiger’s achievement, and he certainly has kept himself out of the news over the last few weeks, which is hard to do, but what happened to the world’s best this week?

2 thoughts on “Tiger wins 2012 Memorial as world’s best implode”

  1. I guess a few people are going to be talking about this at the water coolers. This is crazy story because I didn’t think Tiger would comeback. He isn’t very good at coming back on Sunday’s of tournaments but he did it today. I think Tiger is back and he’s got a very good shot at the upcoming Majors left on the season. It’s great for golf because with Tiger back, it means that golf is back too. Prepare for Tiger-mania because it’s going to be so intriguing to see what happens in the future. Also, you think you could take a look over at my blog as I’d love to know what you think http://chrisross91.wordpress.com/2012/06/03/tiger-and-golf-are-one/

  2. Yes Chris, it is good for golf when Tiger wins because of all the buzz he generates. You might consider him all the way back, but I do not. His new teacher, Sean Foley, has him thinking way too much about mechanics on the course and not trusting his move. This week he had it going and it appeared he was focusing well, but the difference with today’s Tiger is when the swing is not there, he struggles immensely with mechanical thoughts. Hence the very inconsistent poor outings. In the past when Tiger’s swing left him, he remained in the moment and continued to compete. I don’t see that happening until he gets some psychological help or switches coaches. After a two win season, that’s not going to happen unless something catastrophic happens with his mental game in the majors.

    BTW, your blog is excellent; count me as a follower! Thanks for the look. -Brian

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