Need help with my golf swing! Any takers?

I developed a push-cut with my golf swing on my recent Myrtle Beach golf trip.  Here’s two videos of me face on and down the line with the driver (post-trip).  I’m willing to try something new and give the readers of this blog a crack at providing suggestions for my improvement so please add a comment on what you think is the source of the push-cut and / or provide any drills or swing changes you think might help.  Thanks for your willingness to participate; let’s get at it!

Driver Face On:

Driver Down The Line:

8 thoughts on “Need help with my golf swing! Any takers?”

  1. Your swing looks solid to me but there are 2 address issues that I think may help you. On the face on shot your left foot at address is pretty much perpendicular to the line but at the end of the swing it is flared out about 35 to 40 degrees. Watch your left foot on those swings. Just flare it out that much at address. On the down the line swing the angle from your ankle to your knee is inclined a little too much toward the ball. A line drawn from the middle of your ankel to your knee should be close to perpendicular to the ground. In order to do this your weight should be more over the arches of your feet or favoring the heels just a touch. A great drill to get this feel is to take a golf swing with your toes pressed up into the top of your shoes. Both of these address changes should be able to make it much easier to clear your hips on the downswing. Try it you’ll like it.

  2. Very perceptive! On the second point you are spot on, I will try to shrink that angle. On the front foot, I have always struggled with that. My natural position is to flare that foot out but on the downswing, my left side breaks down and my left knee bows out toward the target. I am deliberately trying to firm up my left side by turning the foot in. I hadn’t noticed, as you did, that it spun out on the downswing to my natural position. Not sure what to do with this but my main concern is keeping my left side firm. Any thoughts on that? Thanks!

    1. I would at least compromise with that front foot and turn it out just a little. That and getting the weight more over the middle of your feet may help with the left side. With the toe turned in you are struggling to clear the left side which will cause the push.

      1. Vet, I made this posture change during my practice today and it allowed me to maintain my spine angle much more easily and promoted some good swings. I found an image of Rickie Fowler at address DTL that I’m using for myself: Oddly enough it really helped improve contact with my chips and pitches. Going to battle test this during tomorrow’s round and I always worry about playing right after a swing change, but the change is minor enough that I’m hoping it’s seamless. Thanks for the tip!

  3. This might be a bit out there, but it is the only thing I really noticed. I am actually guilty of this too at times. If you watch your head on the down the line shots you keep it very still on the back swing and into impact but as soon as you hit the ball you start looking right. When I start hitting a shot consistently I start looking for it which most of the time makes it happen even more. Maybe try to keep you head down for an extra count after impact and see if it helps. Other than that the swing looks solid.

  4. Very interesting pick-up; I never noticed that. Why do you suppose I do that. . .just looking for that big push cut 🙂 ? Or maybe something else in the swing?
    I haven’t played in three weeks since I got back from Myrtle and am teeing it up on Sunday. Will see what that brings. Thanks!

  5. I doubt it is anything in the swing to be honest, more mental than anything. When you are striping it down the middle I will bet your finish looks more full and balanced. When I fight a miss to the right I tend to anticipate it and make it worse.

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