Fall golf – I’m back!

Been effectively out of action for the past two months because of our major home remodeling project but I am back and psyched for my fall season road trip to the eastern shore!  The house looks great and was a huge distraction, and outside of practicing my move in every mirror and elevator, I haven’t thought much about the game until recently.  Is anyone else compelled to make a swing as soon as you see yourself in a full length mirror?  I know I’m not alone and it’s funny how that works.  I also found myself practicing my setup and alignment (toes on the sidewalk cracks) in my local transit station and I knew it was time to get back on the course.

A pattern of roller coaster golf had set in during the occasional “break the monotony” round in the past few months and I’m hoping that’s due to lack of practice – lack of focus, and is a minor anomaly.  I will take Vet’s advice next time out and try to play a bit more conservative on the dogleg tee shots, which had been getting me in big trouble and had been the launching pad for some skyrocketing numbers.

So the early November preliminary lineup looks like Queenstown Harbor – River Course, Eagles Landing, and Heritage Shores.  Full course reviews will be coming on Queenstown and Heritage Shores.  Should get in plenty of practice and a few rounds this month after we move back in.  See you on the course!