Is your warm-up a coffee and a doughnut?

Ever go to a PGA tournament and watch the best players in the world warm-up?  I will park myself at the range for hours and marvel at the machine-like ball striking consistency of a Vijay Singh

Vijay warming up
Vijay warming up

or the effortless rhythm of a Fred Couples.  Vijay typically warms up with alignment sticks laid out all over the ground, umbrellas stuck in the turf to guide his swing plane, head covers under his armpits, and training aids sprinkled around his station at the ready.  You wonder how the guy gets ready to play with all the mechanical input.  We weekend players love to emulate our heroes on tour but you need to be very careful when it comes to copying their warm-ups.  These guys typically get to the course two hours before their round and condition their bodies and every aspect of their game before play.  We don’t have that luxury.  Usually we grab a coffee and a doughnut and do nothing, or throw on our shoes in the parking lot and rush to the first tee, or buy a bucket of range balls, pound 30 drivers and roll a few putts before heading out.  I’ve tried ’em all and none of them work.

Last year I thought I had this whipped when I tried a new warm-up routine and followed it up with a great round, but soon discovered the routine wasn’t extensible enough to support different practice facilities and different amounts of time.  I can’t count the number of times that I’ve either played with no warm-up or tried to warm-up sensibly and still stumbled out of the blocks.  How frustrating is it when you always need to play three holes to fully engage the golf circuits?

In 2013 I’m determined to find the perfect warm-up routine that will:

1)  put me in the best frame of mind

2)  put me in the best physical condition

3)  have me looking good doing it (got to avoid the Miguel Angel Jimenez  10-200 scenario.)

So coming soon are two warm-up routines constructed from a combination of exercises out of my workout regimen, and from trial and error at the golf course.  Look for the:

A)  Economy warm-up (10 minutes)

B)  Business Class warm-up (30-60 minutes)

Send me your ideas to help move this along and I’ll try the good ones.  Thanks!

7 thoughts on “Is your warm-up a coffee and a doughnut?”

  1. My home course doesn’t have a range, so I am use to getting on the course with little more than a few stretches, a dozen putts and if I am luckily a few chips and a bunker shot or two. If I am playing an important round I tend to stop a a range on the way to the course, but then I end up cooling down before getting to the first tee, which is never good. I look forward to seeing what you come up with.

  2. Aaron, try and think of another recreational sport, other than bowling, that people don’t warm up for. You really can’t. A lot of golfers do neglect that critical phase before play. I’ve already got some theories and ideas but need to test them out. Stay tuned and thanks!

  3. Brian I actually work for a health coaching company and our exercise physiologist came up with a set of warm ups and dynamic stretches that are specific to help with the pre round warm up. They can be done at home or on the course. I would be happy to send them to you if you want to take a look and try out. They are pretty simple and I have used them before and enjoyed them. Do you have an email address I can send the documents to?

  4. I have a few ideas on the mental side of golf preparation. Because you are right too often players blow out for the first three holes whilst warming up, or getting t
    Ito the right golfing frame of mind. I have a specific mental routine I go through in my car before even putting my shoes on. Then, the practise range depends on the weather!

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