Rory McIlroy = Lack of Character!

RoryVery disappointed in Rory’s withdrawal shenanigans at The Honda Classic yesterday.  I’m not buying this toothache excuse one bit and this is looking more like someone with amazing talent and a poor work ethic, who is struggling mentally because of a bad decision to change equipment.  He’s exhibiting a lack of character more on the lines of what we would expect from a John Daly.

Being seven over-par after eight holes, Rory was clearly on his way to posting a round in the mid-80s.  Last year, Rory won the treasured Vardon Trophy over Tiger Woods by .03 strokes per round.  Posting a total hack-a-thon number could cripple an attempted repeat.  The embarrassment of the defending champ totally chopping and the unwillingness to admit he’s struggling with his new equipment forced the withdrawal.  Throw in last season’s run of bad play (attributed to an unwillingness to practice) and we’re getting a very unpleasant picture forming of our world’s number one player.

So breaking news Rory:  This is golf and we all hack once in a while.  Man up and post your score.  What do you think he should have done?

3 thoughts on “Rory McIlroy = Lack of Character!”

  1. I am not sure about the reasons for quitting, I have given him the benefit of the doubt. But one thing is clear to see, the equipment is not working yet. I hope it does soon or he could lose the number one tag pretty quickly.

    1. Rory has yet to figure out the difference between reasons and excuses. People with total integrity use the former. I’d like to see him identify a mentor who can guide him, similar to the “talk” he had with Jack Nicklaus after he blew the 2011 Masters.

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