What can you learn from one round of golf?

Opened the 2013 golf season yesterday at the local muni and was reminded of several truths:

  • Don’t play on a sunny weekend day after 12:00 noon with hundreds of other cabin fever stricken hacks in the same vicinity.
  • Don’t expect miracles after working all winter indoors on your golf swing.  Nothing like real ball contact on a real golf course under game conditions.
  • In order to train it on the range and trust it on the course, you must first build the trust.
  • Don’t worry about your hands of stone on the greens.  Short game is the last thing to come around after a layoff.
  • Yes you can learn more about your golfing partner’s personality in one round than in ten years of socializing at dinner parties.
  • And finally, a bad day on the golf course is still better than a good day at work. 🙂

How was your opening round this year?

8 thoughts on “What can you learn from one round of golf?”

  1. As you know my 1st round was pretty good and we teed off at 9 am. Even though we played a few holes in the 40’s it was worth the chill when we saw 12 carts lined up at the 1st tee at noon. Lay offs are always tough but it is great to get started. It reminds me of opening day in baseball, there is nothing like it.

    1. That cart line-up seemed to form on every par-3. Took a lot of patience to stick with it, and as you know, the patience is in short supply when you’re not playing your best. Thanks!

  2. Starting the season tomorrow morning and can’t wait. I’m not expecting any miracles and you are spot on, as usual, that there is no way to simulate actually playing on a course. I am excited to get out and get some rounds under my belt and adjust the practice schedule as needed. After 6 rounds in 4 days I feel like I will have a great head start on the 2013 season. Hopefully Chicago de-thaws a bit while I am gone.

    1. Wait, are you going on the Pinehurst trip right out of the box? Holy cow! Talk about jumping off the high dive. Have an awesome trip and hit us with the details!

    1. Would love to be able to play year round. The winter break here does allow me to recharge the batteries except the period of recharge is a bit long for my liking. Thanks!

  3. Brian

    We are normally getting ready to start golf in about a week. We just had 3 inches of snow…I guess my start time will be pushed back even further…..bah….winter!


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