Most Golf Holes Played – Record Set!

On the 13th tee at Oyster Bay
On the 13th tee at Oyster Bay

Just returned from six days of golf in Myrtle Beach and have shattered my previous record of 198 holes played by a full 18.  We needed perfect weather to play 36 on six straight days and the golfing gods cooperated with partly cloudy skies and temps around 80 every day.  Powered by nine 200 mg Advil tablets per day, the pain and stiffness associated with 12-hour days at the course was kept at bay.

Normally, we’d arrive at the course around 7:00 a.m. and hit balls for 30 minutes and go.  The early tee times allowed for a break for lunch before heading out around 2:30 p.m. for the afternoon round.  Two of my traveling partners also managed the full 216 and the whole affair was exhausting but tremendous fun.  I would not advise taking this on if you have any physical limitations or sense of reasonableness 🙂 .

Leading up to the trip, I had forsaken all practice time for play, mostly over nine hole rounds, in hopes that the added reps would allow me to adjust more easily in bad stretches.  This worked incredibly well, especially when my ball striking took a downturn.  Also we took video of our swings on the course and reviewed at night and I picked up a few nuggets that I put in play the following day.  The added play early in the season clearly helped and the availability of video was like having a swing coach always nearby to assist.  Here’s one of me on my best drive at The Legends Heathland course.  I noticed my ball position was back quite a bit and I’m still trying to figure out what else I did right.  See anything?

Key stats for the 216 holes:

  • 81.08 stroke average
  • 19 birdies
  • 96 pars
  • 74 bogeys
  • 23 double bogeys
  • 4 others

Individual rounds:

  • May 27, Kings North, 84
  • May 27, Kings North, 86
  • May 28, Heathland, 75
  • May 28, Parkland, 80
  • May 29, Parkland, 74
  • May 29, Oyster Bay 82
  • May 30, Moorland 82
  • May 30, Heritage, 81
  • May 31, Rivers Edge, 84
  • May 31, Rivers Edge, 83
  • June 1, True Blue, 81
  • June 1, True Blue, 81

Kings North and Rivers Edge were new courses for me and I shot my highest scores on those venues, which was not unexpected.  Most of the courses were in excellent shape and a delight to play.  Full course reviews are coming for True Blue, Kings North, and Rivers Edge.  Stay tuned!

8 thoughts on “Most Golf Holes Played – Record Set!”

  1. What a trip that must have been! Very impressive to say the least. Glad it went well and you managed some good scores. What’s the plan moving forward for the rest of the season to keep the momentum going?

  2. The annual problem with this MB trip is the letdown immediately afterwards. I am committing to playing my 18 on the weekends along with two nine-hole rounds during the week for the balance of the summer. Then looking at a trip in October to play the RTJ Golf Trail in Alabama and my usual 3-day run down at the MD/Delaware eastern shore in early Nov to finish up the season. You heard anything about the golfing in Alabama?

    1. I haven’t ever played down there, but was looking at a trip to do the RTJ trail myself with a few buddies. It looks like a great time and reasonably priced as well.

  3. Here’s what I see on the video. Love the way your right foot is almost still on the ground at impact and you are not on your toes. Don’t love the way you look a little collapsed at the top of the backswing. Without causing any undue stress on your elbow the goal at the top of the swing is to try and get your left hand as far away from your right ear while maintaining your posture. Your grip looks fantastic. If you can get a little wider and firmer at the top you will an increase in distance and accuracy.

  4. Awesome Vet, thanks! I have never been able to straighten that left arm but I suppose I can try and firm it up a bit. Will let you know how that tweak goes next time out.

    1. Remember it’s not so much about the left arm as increase the distance from your left hand to the right ear. That might mean just shortening the swing just a little

      1. Very interesting point. This video was shot on day two of the trip. By day five, I was driving it poorly and made an adjustment for day six. I opened my stance and tried to play a cut with the driver. I immediately felt stronger and it was if I was taking only a half swing, but I began to hit it much better. I’m sure it wasn’t really a half swing but maybe I inadvertently firmed it up. Who knows.

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