What’s Your Favorite Training Aid?

I’ve never been a big fan of training aids.  My current cadre of tools is limited to a video camera, swing doughnut, two alignment sticks and my 14 clubs.  Two years ago, I bought a driving net and built a platform for the back yard, but that only sees the light of day during barbeques and mostly for the entertainment value.  The lack of ball flight was a detriment and the setup and take down time consuming.  The best aid I ever had was a self-constructed indoor putting ramp made out of a block of Styrofoam and some indoor/outdoor carpet.  I banged 6-foot putts on that one winter and came out razor sharp the following spring but it didn’t survive the last move.

Today I broke out the Smash Bag  Smash Bagor golf’s equivalent of a tackling dummy.  Has anyone had any luck with this?  My immediate need is some assistance to stop pull hooking every fifth iron shot because of an early release and initial returns are very positive.  It feels like repeating the correct impact position really helps with your timing and allows you to start the downswing with a hip turn.  The feedback feels super; like I can make a very aggressive move into the ball, but that’s only after one session and about 50 swings.  Here’s the best video I’ve found on using the bag:

I got the idea to buy one after working a drill where I took a half backswing with a short iron and tried to hold off my finish and knock the shot down.  Seemed like the same motion as hitting the bag and I struck the ball well during a game the day after practicing like that.  Has anyone had any luck with this or know of different ways to use it?  Please share, thanks!