What Are The Odds?

Golf is a game renown for different outcomes for virtually every stroke, putt, chip, and game situation.  Repeating the same behavior is nearly impossible and the funniest thing happened to me over the last couple of days.  On Friday, I was playing an emergency nine after work at my local muni.  On the par-4 8th hole, I laid up off the tee for position with a 3WD, and placed the shot perfectly in the fairway.  My red Titleist #1 golf ball was clearly marked with two blue dots, but a playing partner mistakenly hit my ball on their second shot.  Yesterday, on the same course, I again took 3WD for position, but this time off the par-4 9th.  Again I piped the shot, and again a different playing partner hit my ball for their second shot.  It was the exact same Titleist #1 with the two blue dots.  What are the odds?

The only other instance that comes to mind was several years ago when I was playing Whitetail Golf Club in Bath, PA and had selected a 7-iron on the 152 yard par-3 11th.  I landed the shot inches from the hole but a significant amount of spin backed the ball off the front of the green and down into a ravine; lost ball.  I re-teed my provisional and changed to a 6-iron.  My shot landed on the back of the green and backed all the way to the front and into the hole for a par and pseudo ace.

Sometimes this is a very strange game.  Any weird repeating outliers ever happen to you?  Please share, thanks!