2014 Golf Resolutions

freezingI think the cabin fever is finally getting to me.  Either brought on the recent sub freezing temperatures in the east, or dramatic views from Torrey Pines on TV last week, or maybe that we’ve just booked our June golf trip to Myrtle Beach, or perhaps the Grateful Golfer’s recent post on Time For Golf really hit home.  I have been thinking more and more about the 2014 golf season and what to target for improvement, but right now, I don’t care about fixing anything, I just want to get out of the house!

Today, with the thermometer in the mid 40s, I got out the driving range mat and hit about 50 magnolia bombs in the back yard which felt great.  Tomorrow is supposed to be mid-50s and a trip to the range for some work with the nine-shot drill is certainly in order.  Couple that with a few hours of Phoenix Open golf coverage before the Super Bowl, and I think I’ll be alright for the next 36 hours.  The forecast for snow on Monday does not bode well.

I want to return to a point about reducing television viewing mentioned in the Grateful Golfer’s post and how that hits home.  Recently I’ve been guilty of feeding my addiction for televised Baltimore Oriole baseball games.  I probably watched 140 games last year end-to-end and many of these start at 7:00 p.m. which is right in the prime weekday post-work practice window (PWPWPW).  All this TV cannot be good for me.  My new job and commuting schedule has also cut into my morning fitness workout routine.  I’m struggling and need a plan for fitness and practice.  I’m thinking I’ve got to get some golf in one weekday evening before setting foot at home, and another two days of immediate workouts before dinner or watching any baseball.  This will be the toughest because as soon as I get home, my butt likes to hit the couch, and it’s all over.

East Potomac Golf Course has a practice facility and is located very close to my office near Reagan National Airport.  Anyone have a quality report on this course?  I think this may be part of the solution.  Also, any ideas on how to get motivated to practice and workout in the evenings if the mornings are not available – please share.  Thanks!

4 thoughts on “2014 Golf Resolutions”

  1. Brian

    After reading your post, something came to my mind. You have already accomplished the hardest part about moving forward with more focus on golf and other aspects of life…..you have identified the challenge and started moving forward to fixing it. I applaud your efforts! I hope that the East Potomac Golf Course works out.


    1. Thanks Jim. That’s usually the case in golf. Oddly enough, we can easily identify what we are trying to solve for, but the tactics of getting there is the issue. I have a good mind to travel the extra distance tomorrow and try a practice at East Potomac just to check it out. Brian

  2. Here is your best solution: DVR. I watch every Pirate game but don’t start watching until about 8:45. I finish up right when the game is over and if it is a long game I watch it early the next morning.

    1. Vet, great idea, thanks. I dont like being addicted to anything, even baseball. Will DVR what I watch and am going to try and reduce the number of games in half. Imagine all the time I will free up!

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