Hit Rewind On The 2014 Season Kickoff

Charlie BrownThe weather in DC has been bad this winter but I’ve been able to get out every weekend for the last four to practice my swing and a bit of short game.  Last weekend I managed to get myself thrown off the practice green at my local muni when the greens keeper spotted me chipping and putting on a partially snow covered surface; OOPS!  Today was different with everything open I got in a couple hours of good practice, but alas old man winter is scheduling a visit of 8-12″ on Monday.

I’ve been careful this winter not to make the mistake of 2012 when I read the Stan Utley short game books and changed too much during the off-season and came out like a basket case in the spring.  Only fundamentals are on the 2014 pre-season practice plate, with a focus on shot shape controlled through alignment and ball position, and attention on maintaining a consistent pace with the putter and crisp contact on chip shots.

I actually feel a little ahead of the game, but the pending snowstorm has got me bummed because in late February, I’m used to dedicating time to play and practice, but the off days have given me the opportunity to watch more golf on TV.  A couple random musing from today’s PGA Tour Honda coverage:  There’s a reason Brendon de Jonge doesn’t win; that over-the-top swing is ugly and needs a fix.  It’s a mystery how he finished 10th in GIR last season – weird.  Also looks like Rory McIlroy has his act together – finally.  Looking for a big year from him.

Finally, check out this inexpensive little device that just came in the mail.  TripodIt works great and the video does it justice.  http://www.amazon.com/review/R1N63DN32MM9PJ?ie=UTF8&videoPreplay=1 You can attach your iPhone and clamp it right to your golf bag or any stationary structure for instant on course slefie video analysis!  Looking forward to my first film session after the white stuff melts.  How’s your winter practice coming?

4 thoughts on “Hit Rewind On The 2014 Season Kickoff”

  1. Brian

    Great to hear you are ahead of the game for practice this year. We still have 3 feet of snow and it is snowing right now!!!! Also it is still 20 below Celsius. Bring on spring! Love the tripod. It is very cool and inexpensive. Thanks for the tip!


    1. Three feet; holy cow! I don’t feel so bad after all 🙂 Are you going to melt and dry out in time for your planned season start? Hoping you see the ground before May. Thanks! Brian

  2. Really like that iPhone stand. Gonna check that out. I’m a little bit worried about exactly what you are talking about here. I have made some changes all centered around fundamentals. I have already had a range session of 100% misses and one with nothing but purred shots. It’s been a mixed bag making changes, but have to do it to get better!

    1. The point was not to bite off more than you can chew. Fundamental changes are good but I would hesitate to change advanced techniques over the winter. Even with just fundamental changes you need to battle test on the course as well as the range. Case in point, I’ve been working with this 9-shot drill the last six range sessions and getting quite comfortable. Last weekend, I decided to play a simulated round off the practice tee and try to use the shot shapes I’ve been practicing. Even just the simulation created a fair bit of angst. Bottom line: don’t expect instant results first or second time out after making winter changes! Thanks,

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