Playing Augusta National

I have never played Augusta National and it’s item number one on my life’s bucket list.  Is it on yours?  I’ve often figured there are two ways to get on.  First, win a tour event and get an automatic invite to The Masters.  The road map for this DC-based wacko idea used to be shoot two rounds of 68 in pre-Kemper Open qualifying, then four straight 68s at Congressional Country Club to win the event.  Zero chance of that leads to method #2.

Play as the guest of a member.   This requires a Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon type activity since I don’t know any members personally.  One time, I was one degree away back in the mid-1980s when I actually played a round of golf in Sea Island, GA with an Augusta member.  That’s as close as I’ve come other than getting a Larry Mize autograph.

Maybe Condi will invite me. from
Maybe Condi will invite me.

Have you ever thought of playing Augusta or actually played it?  I’ll bet some college players out there have had the opportunity.  How many degrees of separation are you from playing Augusta?  Will it ever happen?


10 thoughts on “Playing Augusta National”

  1. Brian

    I have never played Augusta National. It is on my bucket list for sure. I will have to thing about how far I am away from making the cut, but your first method is definitely a no go for me. Great Post.


    1. Jim the closest I ever came was passing by the entrance and looking down Magnolia Lane from the street. Would love to start by just getting on the grounds for a Masters round. I hear it’s much more hilly than it presents on television.



  2. Brian,

    I have not been invited to play Augusta (yet). Cypress Point is another I’m dying to get on. It’s definitely all about the networking for getting invites to these courses, and a bit of luck. The most important thing is to never beg or plead, because especially at Augusta, that is the best way to never get invited. Good luck to us both on our quest!


    1. Josh, great point about the begging and pleading. It was rumored that before Bill Gates became a member at Augusta, he couldn’t get in because he wanted it too badly. Got to keep that in mind.



  3. Living in New Zealand the chances of ever meeting an Augusta member are as good as winning millions on the lottery, but it is nice to have a dream. As Walt Disney said, if you dont have a dream, how you gonna have a dream come true.

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