2016 Mid-Season Golf Reboot


Thank you to all who commented on my swing video post from last weekend.  There were many salient observations and excellent offers of help.  I worked during the week to make a couple changes and went to my school field yesterday armed with a bag shag and 54 degree wedge to get some positive live fire feedback.  Instead I got the blue screen of death.

I have always lived by the three strikes axiom when struggling with your golf swing.  If you play bad once, forget about it.  Play bad twice, go work on your issues during practice.  Play bad three consecutive times, get help.  My last three rounds were 85-89-83, and after the debacle with my sand wedge yesterday I had seen enough.  My lesson tomorrow is at 11:00 a.m.

Recently, I had fixed my short game and was performing at a high level even during these bad ball striking rounds.  My putting has been solid, and the day before my awful video range session, I had an excellent practice session rolling the rock at Bear Trap Dunes.  But with me all confidence is derived from ball striking, at least to a level where I know where the ball is going when I try to strike it.  Getting by on short game and putting is just whistling through the graveyard.  That’s where I’m at and the full reboot starts tomorrow.

I’ll let the instruction and subsequent practice sink in over the holiday weekend and report back during the week.

Happy 4th of July to everyone and play well!

5 thoughts on “2016 Mid-Season Golf Reboot”

  1. Brian

    I can see why and only you know when it is tome seek outside help. I applaud your efforts and remember that that the 6 inches of real estate is an important factor only you control. Good luck, I am confident you will find the solution that works for you!

    1. Thanks Jim. Today I had the best golf lesson of my life. I’m very excited now and need to calm down a bit 🙂 Will be practicing this week and provide an update after the changes have a chance to work and sink in.

      Play well!


    1. Thank you. I had a great lesson on Saturday and my pro pointed out a couple of critical positions I need to get in. The feedback during the lesson and a couple of practice sessions afterwards has been excellent! I’m pumped to get it worked out.



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