Improving Ability To Concentrate

Recently, a friend forwarded an article at The Atlantic by Jean Twenge.  The title; Have Smartphones Destroyed a Generation?  It’s a long, disturbing eye-opening read that I highly recommend.  The gist is that screen addiction with our youngest generation is worsening their mental health.  I have seen first hand some of these effects with loved ones, and to a certain extent myself.  I suspect heavy users of devices and social media, such as myself, all are affected by the phenomena of F.O.M.O. (Fear Of Missing Out) to some degree.  This is a disorder where you feel the constant need to check your sites, and the distractions associated with the pull of your screens and devices.  Folks handle it differently, and I think I manage it reasonably well but have suspected that it’s hurting my powers of concentration.  This is not just on the golf course, but at work, at home, in the car; essentially everywhere.  I suspect it’s been the case for years and it’s getting worse.  So I’m going to run an experiment.

To reduce the effects of device induced FOMO, I will make three changes:

    1. No more checking work email during non-working hours
    2. No more daily use of social media sites (including this one)
    3. Complete elimination of any contact with Facebook for the month of August

So what am I going to do with all my spare time?  Play and practice more golf, increase my levels of physical activity, read a book.  Doesn’t sound so bad does it?

So if you don’t hear from me in a while, I’m not ignoring you.  Just in the lab experimenting with improved concentration!

Play well.

4 thoughts on “Improving Ability To Concentrate”

  1. Brian

    I think you are going on a wonderful journey. I think of social media, my phone, and computer as tools. Use as required and ignore when not needed. I agree, it is possible to be sucked into spending all our time on our electronic devices and our younger generation is bombarded by the need to see things immediately; I hope we find a happy medium sometime soon. Good luck on your experiment. Chat soon.


  2. Brian,

    Good on you my friend! I too spend way too much time on my phone or computer as well. This summer I’ve been trying to spend more time outside (golfing), exercising, etc after work and on weekends. So there’s been less blogging but the good thing about blogging for fun is we aren’t accountable to anyone…and I can always catch up in the winter when I’m snowed in 🙂


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