Careful With That Off-Season Workout!

Are you chomping at the bit to get the 2018 golf season going?  Trying to shed those last few holiday season pounds and/or build the golf muscles needed for superior performance?  I am.  A big word of caution for everybody regularly hitting the gym:  Be very careful when lifting weights!  You can do significant long lasting damage to muscle tissue if you aren’t lifting correctly or a working with too much weight.

At Tigers Eye

Here’s a picture of me during a golf trip to Myrtle Beach in 2009.  Notice the big old wrap on my left elbow?  That was an injury (tendonitis) that I incurred while lifting weights incorrectly during the preceding winter.  I paid for it on that trip and was running through Advil like John Daly downing M&Ms.  The whole issue could have been avoided if I had sought professional help with my weight lifting technique.  Slowly the injury healed, as I discontinued all workouts and limited the amount of range balls I hit.

Fast forward to 2017.  I started a workout regimen on May 1 that only consisted of floor exercises.  I was using the force of gravity to provide resistance and no weight.  Over the summer, I was very pleased with the increase in strength and muscle development that I had experienced.  In October I decided to add weights to my arm workouts.  I reviewed some technique videos on bicep and hammer curls and began with the lightest of weights.  The progress I made over the next few months was excellent and I slowly and cautiously added more weight.  As I got stronger I got more confident and a couple of weeks ago, added a significant amount of weight, but noticed that I was struggling to move the extra weight with the same amount of repetitions.  Then yesterday, I experienced the setback.  The left elbow tendonitis injury returned. 😦

Please don’t do what I did.  If you are working out for golf, it’s about building tone rather than bulk.  Get professional help from a trainer before tackling too much weight or the wrong technique.  Hopefully with some good drugs and a little time off, it’ll heal before the season starts.

Do you have any off-season workout recommendations?

Play well.

5 thoughts on “Careful With That Off-Season Workout!”

  1. Brian,

    Sorry to hear the left elbow is flaring up again! This is really, really important advice you’re passing along though. Working out incorrectly can have the exact opposite effect than what we’re striving for. I’m having a really good experience so far training with DM Golf Performance, as I’ve mentioned before. Shannon has a ridiculously keen eye for proper form, and prioritizes form and function over brute strength, and only when our movement patterns and technique are dialed in can we ramp up reps/resistance.

    Get that elbow healed up and come back strong!


    1. Josh, it was a stupid move on my part. I don’t know what it’s called when you get something good going and feel like you need to have more of it. Lesson learned, again.

      Anyhow, glad to hear you are doing well with your fitness and I hope your back is strong and stable for the coming season.



  2. Brian

    That is terrible. I hate set backs caused by injury; especially ones that can be avoided. I also work out 4 to 5 times a week and slowly increase my weights, however and this is a big however, I do not go that heavy. I generally stay around the 80% max area and increase my reps. Additionally, I work on aerobic training a stretching. The older I get, the more stretching I need. I hope you recover quickly, take care of your elbow!


    1. Thanks Jim. I’m going to lay off all workouts for a week and get on that ibuprofen drip. Hopefully the pain recedes to a manageable level. After all, it’s going to be 60 on Sunday; I might need to start practicing!



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