Help With My Swing!

Yesterday I took four shots of swing video.  There are two down-the-line and two face on segments with a 7-iron and driver.   I picked out a couple things to work on before and during today’s round and will let you know how I fared, but would love to have your feedback.  Please send in any and all suggestions and observations!


Driver Face On

Driver Down The Line

7-iron Face on

7-iron Down The Line


4 thoughts on “Help With My Swing!”

  1. Brian,

    Good on you for putting your swing out there and asking for observations. That is a tough thing to do.

    I watched your videos several times and in various speeds. I really only have two observations that may or may not be helpful.

    First, you bend your arms at the top of the swing (with both clubs) in an attempt to lengthen your swing (I would presume). If your timing is off, this little hitch could cause hooks and slices because your arms and wrists cannot catch up. During your videos, it looked like your tempo was very good and the club head was in position on contact.

    Second, you used different set ups with your feet with your seven iron. As a result the ball was in three different positions during contact. I could not tell if this was intentional, but if it was, please disregard.

    Other than that, it looked very good from what I could see. I hope this helps.

    Cheers Jim

    1. Jim, great observation about my left arm. Not sure why I do that or when it started. I suspect I may be compensating since my left elbow is the one with tendonitis. Next time out, I’ll try to firm that up. On the three ball positions, that is by design. I will always hit a back, middle, and forward shot with each iron from wedges through 5. When I get to the 4 and 3 irons, I only play middle and front ball positions. I like practicing the different ball flights. Will let you know how it goes.

      Thanks for your observations!


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