If You Watched The Players Championship. . .

You learned three critical lessons.

First, The Stadium Course is probably more fun to walk and spectate at than play on.  Yes, the layout is beautiful.  Yes, the conditions are immaculate.  Yes, 16 through 18 provide great theater.  But imagine playing on a golf course this tight off the tee with water on 17 of the holes.  As soon as I splashed a ball, it would be in my head for the entire round – no fun!  I recall playing a very tight golf course after playing a wide open links course.  The switch to the tight tee shots was a small shock to my system and I never got comfortable.  Multiply that by 100 as the Stadium Course’s aim points looked like the size of a gnat’s rear end.

Second, play your own game.  Did you notice that defending champion Rory McIlroy shot 10-over and missed the cut?  Only afterwhich, he announced he had attempted to copy Bryson DeChambeau’s swing and it got in his head.  Are you kidding me?  Rory has done some stupid stuff in his career, but this is tops.  And hats off to DeChambeau.  This guy is a showman and is starting to garner a well-deserved big time following.  Could you believe he contended on this straight knocker’s paradise?

Bryson before and after. Photo by thesun.co.uk

Finally, I’m devoting 50% of my future practice time to putting.  I love the way Lee Westwood took a weakness and turned it into a strength.  Lee was one of the best ball strikers in the world but had hands of stone on the greens, which arguably prevented him from ever winning a major.  Yes, he three putted the 71st hole from a very difficult spot, but he was unbelievably clutch nailing tough par putts time and again when his long game left him.

This was a great tournament, augmented by real fans, finally!  Did you enjoy the 2021 Players Championship?  What was your favorite part?

Play well!

4 thoughts on “If You Watched The Players Championship. . .”

  1. Brian

    I thoroughly enjoyed The Players! I watched the final round with a great deal of interest because of the roller coaster play of everyone in the field. One name left out of most conversations was Corey Connors (a Canadian by the way) who fleeted with the top of the leader board two weekends in a row. Both times he hesitated down the stretch which resulted in him finishing just outside the limelight.

    Personally, I was cheering for Westwood on the weekend because I think he deserves a prestigious win like The Players. But alas, he could not close the deal.

    Practicing our putting more – fantastic idea! If we gain nothing else from the play last weekend, putting (and getting off the tee in play) is critical to low golf scores.

    Great article.

    Cheers Jim

    1. Thanks Jim. Connors has been making some noise lately. Is he qualified for The Masters? I’d love to see him give DJ and Spieth a run for the money. I’m sensing this is going to be a fabulous Masters. Can’t wait!


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