Olympic Golf – Are You Watching?

Olympic golf has joined the specter of sports that have been added to the games and simultaneously de-emphasized as “must see”.  I am not watching.  There are two common themes at play with sports like Olympic golf:

  1. The world’s best athletes are not competing
  2. The “sport” is really an activity or hobby

Now, before you start ragging on me because surfing, skateboarding, or canoeing is not a sport, consider that you can compete at anything, but just because there is competition doesn’t mean it qualifies as Olympic.  The Olympics should be reserved for sports where the world’s best compete every four years.  What I’m watching is swimming, gymnastics, track and field in the summer, downhill skiing, figure skating, luge, and bobsled in the winter.  There are a few others.

Of our two themes, Olympic golf falls into the first.  The size of the field and the depth of talent are considerably less than a standard PGA Tour event, and slightly more than a silly season exhibition.  Must-see?  The events that matter for golf are the four majors, Ryder Cup, and regular tour events.  Other sports that fall into this category: tennis, soccer, basketball, softball, baseball (in the past), and hockey in the winter games.  Of these only Olympic hockey gets my patriotic juices flowing enough to watch.  Olympics vs. Wimbledon?  Olympics vs World Cup?  Olympics vs. Final Four?  No thanks.

Are you watching Olympic golf?

10 thoughts on “Olympic Golf – Are You Watching?”

  1. Brian,

    I am not watching the Olympics at all. I have too much on the go and I do not find this year’s event compelling to watchmlike years past. It just me. I agree that golf is not really a sport I think of when asked about the Olympics. Regardless, I hope all the athletes stay safe and do their best.

    Cheers Jim

    1. Jim, it’s not just you. Viewership is way down over past Olympics. Nothing compelling to watch this year. Too many sports that don’t matter and no fan excitement = Dud. Can’t wait for the Ryder Cup though. Gonna be a good one!


  2. I believe, part of the reason I used to watch was because we, Americans, were competing with other countries. We have a lot to be proud of America, and the more I learn about our history, the more I see an amazing history, growing freedom for all. With all the anti-American propaganda, and athletes not appreciating this country, including our founding fathers, the motivation to watch goes. I tried watching a couple, like women’s soccer, but within minutes, I turned the station.

    1. Totally agree. The women’s soccer team is one of the worst offenders. It’s a shame that some on the team play for self and their “woke-ism” over country and those few have ruined much of the viewing experience for others. Thanks for weighing in!


      1. What we’re hoping to do is bring back the real history of America, but also share the horrors of socialism, communism, and Marxism. Reading about the former Soviet Union, including dissidents who strove for the right to emigration, people could learn much about the forms of internal slavery and reasons for propaganda.

    1. Catherine, I watched maybe an hour total of this entire Olympics. The intrusion of professionals into the event has irked me more and more through the years. Oddly enough, most of my viewing was of the women’s golf.

      Thanks for weighing in!


  3. When I was an international athlete for Britain, all competitors were amateur and participated in events for the love of the sport. In my opinion, the Olympics should be amateur and that goes for golfers taking part too.
    Interesting subject Brian 🙂

    1. Johnny, we are on the same page but the Olympics is suffering from too much of everything that diminishes the quality and the meaning of the competition.

      Thanks for stopping by!


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