About Brian Penn

I am a golfing enthusiast and have been playing the game seriously since I first took lessons when I was 16.  Presently I play to a five-handicap and in the mid 1980s I worked as an club professional providing instruction, building equipment, organizing tournaments, and learning the business of golf.  See what’s in my bag.

You can usually find me on the weekends playing or practicing at Blue Mash (my home club) or at one of the MCG Golf circuit courses in Maryland like Needwood, Northwest, Little Bennett, Rattlewood, and Poolesville.  Every year I travel to Myrtle Beach for six straight days of golf (usually 36 per day), and I have a lot of great information about playing the Grand Strand that I’m happy to share.

Please enjoy our course reviews, travel, and tips for play and practice.  I’ll provide hard hitting and honest opinions about articles of interest and I’d love to get your comments and requests for topics.

Hit ’em straight! -Brian

#9 The Great White Course at Doral
My greatest thrill in golf. Met The King in 2010 at Bayhill!

7 thoughts on “About Brian Penn”

  1. Hi Brian,
    I’m Jeff Sparrow(no not Jack and no he’s no relation) Travelling from the UK
    We came to Myrtle last year stopping at Myrtlewood villas, we played Heritage, Wildwing, Man o War, Witch,Prestwick and Arrowhead.We all had a great time and promised we would come back,
    We are hoping to travel again in late April 2012.
    There are 8 of us and we are considering the Legends and have read your report with interest.
    I would like your unbiased opinion. To give you some idea we are all golfing nuts (arent we all) handicaps ranging from scratch, 7,9,9,11 to one off 20.
    I like the look of the Legends but still want to do others. We intend to arrive on a Sunday evening and depart the following Sunday.
    I suppoes my main question is: do we play Heathland, moorland and parkland, leaving out the Heritage (already played and loved it) and is Oyster bay worth it given the middle of the road reviews I have read. We like the look of te 27 holes at Carolina club, Kings North, Caladonia and True Blue.
    Its a long way for us to come and I would value your opinion, also we did enjoy Broadway on the beach because being British we do enjoy a beer!
    Kind regards
    Jeff (jeff.sparrow@live.co.uk)

  2. Jeff,
    My core group of eight players stay at The Legends every year and for hard core enthusiasts, you cannot beat the place. The golf villas are spacious and modern, and the golf operation tremendous. I would schedule rounds on Heathland, Parkland, and Moreland because they are distinctly different plays and all in very good condition. The Legends is great for those wishing to play 36 because of the ample availability of afternoon tee times across the three courses (you’ll never get shut out). Regarding Oyster Bay, that’s one great layout, although in late May – early June, we’ve found conditions decent but not great. They may be better in April before the area is affected by the hot weather. I cannot comment on Carolina Club or Kings North as I have not played. True Blue is an awesome course, is fairly open off the tee and has an abundance of waste bunkers that serve as cart paths – just a great play. Caledonia is one of the most beautiful courses from a conditioning aspect and is also a great play, although not very long. There is no range at Caledonia which is the only drawback for the hard core enthusiast. The advantage to playing Caledonia and True Blue is that you can play one in the morning and get the replay rate on the other since they are adjacent and managed by the same company. If you could package the three Legends courses with a day at either Caledonia or True Blue, add in Oyster Bay and throw in one of the Big Cats like Tigers Eye or Leopards Chase, you’d have an awesome vacation. At the Cats, skip Panthers Run and Lions Paw as they are not that special.

    We’ve always had excellent luck booking trips through The Golf Desk. Our contact is Brian Noblin, and he can be reached at brian@golfdesk.com

    Good luck with your trip and let me know if you have questions about any other courses in Myrtle.

  3. I just read your review on Prospect Bay CC. As a member, I’d like to correct a couple of inaccuracies in the review. The club is private, not semi-private, and the pro shop is a permanent building not a double-wide trailer.

    Thank you,

    Dave Taylor

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