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What can you learn from one round of golf?

Opened the 2013 golf season yesterday at the local muni and was reminded of several truths:

  • Don’t play on a sunny weekend day after 12:00 noon with hundreds of other cabin fever stricken hacks in the same vicinity.
  • Don’t expect miracles after working all winter indoors on your golf swing.  Nothing like real ball contact on a real golf course under game conditions.
  • In order to train it on the range and trust it on the course, you must first build the trust.
  • Don’t worry about your hands of stone on the greens.  Short game is the last thing to come around after a layoff.
  • Yes you can learn more about your golfing partner’s personality in one round than in ten years of socializing at dinner parties.
  • And finally, a bad day on the golf course is still better than a good day at work. 🙂

How was your opening round this year?