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Confident vs. Cocky

Which camp do you fall in?  When you play your best on the golf course how do you feel, confident or cocky?  Try to align yourself with one of today’s top professionals.  Jason Day is confident.  Henrik Stenson is confident.  … Continue reading

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Found the perfect warm-up routine!

I’ve been experimenting with several warm-up techniques this season and have finally hit on one that fully prepares me to play.    Several routines have left me fidgety and uncomfortable for the first few holes until my natural rhythm takes over, … Continue reading

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Play to your strengths, fix your weaknesses

What should you work on to improve your golf?  Easy for a PGA professional; they work on everything because they have the time and generally spare no expense.  For amateurs it’s a balancing act based on time, money, skills, and … Continue reading

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