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Leading Indicators Of Good Play

Can you correctly anticipate when you will play well or poorly?  What are the leading indicators?  My poor rounds are easier to predict and are usually preceded by a poor ball striking warm up.  Also, if I’ve practiced poorly the … Continue reading

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Playing After A Lesson – Smart?

Have you ever played a round where you were bombing your driver and leaving yourself with some awesome looks at approach shots, but you subsequently bungled every one of them?  Last weekend I had my best driving day of the … Continue reading

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Driving The Golf Ball – Length Vs Accuracy

What’s more important, length or accuracy?  Been having a couple interesting dialogs with Jim at The Grateful Golfer and Jimmy at Tiger Golf Traveler on the challenges of driving and figured it was time to take a closer look at … Continue reading

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CAUTION!! The Domino Effect of Golf Drills

Have you ever worked a golf drill, fixed a fault, and then watched the drill negatively impact a previously solid part of your game?  Like a time bomb, one of these exploded in my face over the last two days … Continue reading

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More themepark golf

Don’t know what has come over my golf game as of late but I played another roller coaster round today which is very much out of character.  My score of 6-over 78 at Northwest was rather pedestrian, but the way … Continue reading

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