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Have You Ever Been Injured Golfing?

Red CrossUp until last weekend’s round at Northwest, I had not.  Sure, there have been the inevitable aches and pains after the first round of the year when the golf muscles are waking up, but nothing like the combo lat strain – hip flexor issue that be felled me.  What’s frustrating is that I stretched and warmed up very well before play, the temperature was in the mid-80s and it was humid.  I was very loose and felt great; probably as good as I’ve felt all year before a round.

Northwest is one of the longer courses we play and challenges every aspect of your game.  I was cruising along at even par through four holes but had just driven into the right rough on number five.  I hit a hard knock down four-iron a little right of the green for my approach, and that apparently was the culprit as I felt the twinge in my hip while walking to my ball.  I managed to get up and down for par and then birdied the par-5 6th hole but noticed that I was limping as I made my way to the 7th tee.  Still not sure what was wrong, I continued to play hard and parred 7, 8, and 9 to finish the front at 1-under, but noticed on the 8th that the pull in my back started bothering me.  It was clear I should have retired at the turn, but who retires at 1-under par at Northwest?  I’m usually around seven or eight over on this track with a two-over 74 as my all time best.  I wasn’t going anywhere.

I lasted one more hole, with a par on #10 before things got ugly.  Unable to put any weight on my right leg, I tried to bunt my way around the back nine and the ball striking and score went to straight to hell.  44 strokes later, I had my usual 7-over 79 and managed to ambulate back to the car.

So here I am on the DL writing this post instead of out playing my early morning 9 holes.  I feel a little better because I can take the stairs pain free but still struggle when putting all my weight on my right leg.  It’s so frustrating getting injured right in the middle of the season and right in the middle of my best round.  I’m already getting antsy and was doing some pain free rug putting yesterday, so I’ll probably head out to the course with just a putter to try and stay with it mentally, but not tempt myself by bringing my other clubs and attempting something stupid.

Has anyone sustained a hip injury playing golf?  How long is the recovery period and do you have any recommended exercises for rehab?  Please share, thanks!