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What Are Your Winter Golf Plans?

Golfers in the northern climates, have you shut your season down yet?  I always get a bit of the blues this time of year when the season end is in site, but today’s practice session offered a ray of hope.

I went to the driving range to work on my swing for the first time since June.  Readers of this blog know that I have foregone swing practice this year for more frequent play.  I can attest to the soundness of this approach after reviewing the full body of work since I made the decision and the results I turned in during my trip to Alabama three weeks ago.  Without the benefit of any swing preparation, I had one of the best ball striking weeks in recent memory.  Sure, you can hit it good on any given day, but keeping my head free of swing thoughts for a full week and performing for the duration sold me on the approach.

So I hadn’t hit a ball for 15 days and figured I’d better get a few swings in before next weekend’s final mini-golf trip to the Delaware shore.  I pounded a bucket at the range with essentially the same move that was working in Alabama and enjoyed continued success.  After finishing up, I rolled a few putts before heading home for the final time this year, and then some complete stranger walked over to me and asked me if I wanted some more range balls.  Not sure what was going on, I accepted and this guy proceeded to give me tokens for seven buckets of balls, for free.  Then he just walked off.

That little random act of kindness brightened my day and I had brief visions of heading back to the range ala Vijay Singh and banging another four or five hundred balls, but I came to my senses and threw them in my golf bag.  Maybe the season is not over quite yet.

So to that mysterious stranger I say, “thank you very much!”  For the rest of you, is your season over or otherwise?