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Will Anchoring a Standard Putter Be Illegal?

WieI was stunned when I saw Michelle Wie’s new putting stance during Solheim Cup action today.  It appears that she is bending over at 90 degrees and anchoring a standard size putter, and I’m wondering if this is going to be legal under the ban set for 2016?  I thought the ban pertained to long putters but was wondering if it covered all putters, because while odd, Wie’s stance is technically anchoring.

Despite her improved putting stats, Wie looks more like the nose gear assembly of a single engine Cessna than a professional golfer, and this posture has got to be painful to implement during a protracted practice session, not to mention during play.  I suppose pros will go to great lengths and try anything if it will get them past the yips with the flat stick.  Bernhard Langer has run the gambit on putting grips, with his forearm grasp probably the most outrageous. Langer

I’ve been very hesitant to make major changes to my putting grip or posture even after a sustained period of poor performance.  I will usually change my stance and either open my left foot or widen/narrow my feet, depending on what gives me more feel.  Usually, the change of something minor or a different mental key is enough to get me out of a funk.  The most significant change I’ve implemented over the past couple of seasons is to read all my putts from the low side.  This is a tip I picked up from Dave Stockton’s book Putt To Win and it’s proved invaluable.  Some of the other recommendations he’s made just don’t work for me, but I love the below the hole tip.

Have you ever made the change to an alternate putting style like Wie or Langer?  Claw, left hand low, or if you are anchoring, do you plan to change in 2016?