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Genuflecting In The Temple of Tiger (Four Truths)

Before the believers and the doubters (myself included) overreact to what went down at Valspar, let’s take an objective look at the infallible truths about Tiger’s comeback. Truth #1:  The smartest thing he did was fire Sean Foley.  Tiger had … Continue reading

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We are PUMPED for the 2017 edition of The Masters!  It feels like being first in line at Best Buy on Black Friday morning.  Soon, the greatest venue in golf will fling open the gates, and we will charge in … Continue reading

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Putt Looking At The Hole

In the many years I’ve been playing golf, I have never looked at the hole while putting, until today.  The objective was to test whether my distance control would improve and I could specifically eliminate the short miss on medium … Continue reading

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How To Measure Success in Golf

In Putting Out of Your Mind, Dr. Bob Rotella says that to judge yourself a success on the putting green, you should measure by how often you were mentally prepared when you struck your putts, and not whether the ball … Continue reading

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Truly Inspired

What I absolutely love about this blogging community is my ability to rant and rave and occasionally celebrate successes, because each of you are players and you get it – no explanation required.  Trying to tell the lady stocking the … Continue reading

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The Augusta Bracket Buster

This year’s Masters Friday feels like a Sweet 16 in the NCAA men’s basketball tournament.  The early upsets are out of the way, some egos have been crushed, most of our bracket’s are busted, and a refreshing reset has set … Continue reading

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2016 The Masters – Picking a Winner

The Masters isn’t the most difficult major to win but it has become the most coveted because of what it represents.  In Michael Bamberger’s Men In Green, he describes Ken Venturi’s inability to get past his defeat in the 1958 … Continue reading

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How Tiger’s Masters Helped My Golf Game

The most awesome thing about golf is that it’s the one sport where amateurs can relate to issues their favorite touring pros are suffering from.  Despite the difference in skill level, it’s possible, on occasion, to achieve greatness at the … Continue reading

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2015 Masters Picks

Augusta National, like no other venue tests a player’s patience, persistence, and concentration.  To win The Masters, players need to contend for 63 holes then charge on the back nine on Sunday.  More important than shooting a very low round … Continue reading

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Playing Augusta National

I have never played Augusta National and it’s item number one on my life’s bucket list.  Is it on yours?  I’ve often figured there are two ways to get on.  First, win a tour event and get an automatic invite … Continue reading

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Why Some Players Don’t Win Majors

The Masters is almost here and the non-major winners will be under the microscope again.  Why don’t they win?  Why do some players like John Daly win multiple majors when stellar career guys like Steve Stricker don’t?  How do guys … Continue reading

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Bang! Woosh! End Of An Era

That sound is the deflating golf bubble, as we know it today, and much has been made of the recent decline in the industry.  Nobody likes to see 500 PGA professionals get fired at Dicks or five million fewer participants, … Continue reading

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2014 Masters Picks

The Masters green prognostication jacket is out of the closet.  Ready for a changing of the guard?  It’s here and this year’s champion will be a first time major winner. First, the usual suspects.  Tiger’s body is breaking down and … Continue reading

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Hey, Golf Needs Villains Too

The Masters is over but the dust has nary settled from “Dropgate,” as the blogosphere continues to explode with arguments for and against the Tiger non-DQ/WD.  I find myself disinterested in taking a position but glad Tiger played the weekend … Continue reading

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The Magical Healing Power of The Masters

Was wondering last weekend what had motivated me to spread 30 bags of mulch with a bad elbow – yep, Masters Week.  Ever notice when commercials come on for “The Masters” how you get a strange sense of well-being, and … Continue reading

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2013 Masters Picks

The 2013 Masters has a ton of intrigue and is ground zero in the battle to settle the question of who the greatest player of all time is.  Add in a wrinkle in the scheduling process and the winning picture … Continue reading

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2012 Masters Picks.

This tournament has the potential to be one of the greatest Masters of all time.  All of the world’s stars are playing well and there are several interesting story lines forming a critical backdrop.  As in prior years, the battle … Continue reading

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