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Instruction Without Practice Is Like Reading the Comics

Whether it’s golf, computer programming, or learning to drive a car, anytime you try to acquire a new skill, you’ll need to practice.  Instruction without practice is like reading the comics.  You enjoy it at the time, but don’t retain … Continue reading

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Does Tiger Deserve to keep Playing?

In 2011, Peyton Manning underwent surgery for a pinched nerve in his neck and missed the entire NFL season.  Many questioned his ability to continue his career.  The Denver Broncos took a chance on him and two years later, at … Continue reading

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How Do You Set Your Goals?

How do you set your performance goals? Conventional thinking is that goals should be SMART: Specific. Measurable. Attainable. Relevant. Time Bound. I usually come up with SMART goals for the season that center around achieving a specific scoring average, reducing … Continue reading

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Is your warm-up a coffee and a doughnut?

Ever go to a PGA tournament and watch the best players in the world warm-up?  I will park myself at the range for hours and marvel at the machine-like ball striking consistency of a Vijay Singh or the effortless rhythm … Continue reading

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